My story


My name is Elena, and my heritage is split in two. I am 50% Slovak and 50% Swedish. When you think of it, I am very much like our jewelry which are designed in Sweden and produced in Czech Republic.

Our beautiful Czech crystal stones are like the vivid and warm-blooded Czechs, they speak their voice and love attention. Yet, combined with the elegant clean Swedish design and the slick silver details, they are still as suitable for everyday wear in the office as for the gala dinner.

In the jewelry I design, I see a little bit of both my parents personality, in other words I see myself. That’s why it feels natural to put my name on them.

The one thing that is not 50% is our dedication to give women a chance to put that extra spark in their lives. Although true beauty comes from within, there’s nothing wrong with a stunning appearance.

We are 100% committed to provide you high quality products that makes your world spark, and that should be our heritage to the world.


Elena Stockholm, 2015

photo: Astrid Hellenius